Criminal Justice Center
Creating a footprint around an important
and busy municipal building


City of Philadelphia
Philadelphia Municipal Authority
c/o The Vitetta Group
642 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Mr. Francis Vitetta


Total Project Cost: $87M
Synterra Responsibility:$1.2M

Creating a site design appropriate for a building's physical scale and stature within a community can often complete what would otherwise seem unfinished. And while the aesthetic value of a streetscape has value in itself, the careful planning of a building's entryways, approaches, exits and general pedestrian traffic is what ultimately proves a streetscape's success.

For the Criminal Justice Center, site analysis showed that this particular building required wider sidewalks to accommodate large groups of people and impromptu meetings while allowing ample room for passersby. Planting trees near corner entrances created gathering spaces while providing a softened buffer to the building facade. Paving patterns were designed to direct pedestrians into the building and to elevate the grandeur of the building's entrance. Granite provides a coordinated transition between the building facade and the paver entryway.

The result is a carefully executed extension of the building's footprint onto the sidewalk and out to the street. The completed streetscape addresses all public use needs delivering function in addition to aesthetics.


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