Delaware State University Mall
The courtyard around the University Library is a hub of student activity, meeting places, intersection, way-finding reference and more...


Delaware State University
1200 North DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
Mr. Ronald Parr
V.P. of Business and Finance


Total Project Cost: $4.2M
Synterra Responsibility:$4.2M

Working closely with Delaware State University administration staff and faculty, Synterra, Ltd. was responsible for the site design of the area surrounding the library, a central hub to student activity within the campus.

The goal of the design was to reflect the unique background of this historically black, land-grant college, as well as to meet the functional requirements of the campus.

In realizing this goal, Synterra, Ltd. created a central plaza with a paving pattern that mimics an existing mosaic mural on the wall of the library representing a traditional African basket design. In addition to providing a comfortable gathering place, the plaza strengthens the library entrance to match the neo-classical entrance to the Science Center building on the opposite side of the plaza.

Also, a series of wide, gracefully curving paths enable groups of students to walk together or to pause and socialize. Further, our choices of light fixtures and site furnishings for this area proved so popular they have since become the standard for the rest of the campus. Since its construction, the Library Green has developed into a source of pride for the entire University community.



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