Citizen's Bank Ballpark
Entry streetscape blends beauty, ergonomics
and accessibilty


Project Owner:
Philadelphia Phillies
David Montgomery
Veterans Stadium
3501 Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

COMPLETED: April 2004

Total Project Cost: $330M
Synterra Responsibility:$1.5M

Synterra, Ltd. was responsible for the site design of the new Philadelphia Phillies new Ballpark. In addition it was part of the Construction Management team.

Reminiscent of old-style ballparks the new complex blended the charm and construction style of classic older stadiums with the modern amenities of contemporary sports facilities (restaurant/beverage and catered club boxes...).

Site design objectives included extending the warm, welcoming and festive features of the stadium to its surroundings. With the Center City skyline as a backdrop, Benjamin Franklin’s four Center City squares were embodied in the design for the four corner entry plazas to further strengthen the symbolic connection to the city.

On Pattison Avenue, the axis of the Philadelphia Sports district, the streetscape design reflects that of the Eagles football stadium across the street with similar widths of sidewalks and scoring patterns, as well as the allée of trees.

This creates consistency that links the different structures in the Sports District. The tree canopy lends an intimate feel for the wider sidewalks. It forms a green ‘tunnel’ which directs people from Broad Street, the City’s main artery.

Bricks and cobblestones used in the pavement compliment the building, and relate to old Center City streets. Parking lots were designed to provide visual cues for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. A wide array of plant material with seasonal interests was selected to accomplish that goal.

To add to the festivity and to enhance the gateway plaza on Pattison Avenue, the paving pattern mimics the light tower structure. The interactive in-ground lights were strategically installed to heighten the excitement level for people waiting to enter.

As part of the construction management team Synterra, Ltd.’s construction managers ensured that the design was implemented in a timely and economical fashion -- all while maintaining a critical eye to ensure that the stadium was built on time and within budget.


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