Raymond Rosen
Low Rise Replacement Housing
Helping to rebuild neighborhoods


Philadelphia Housing Authority
12 South 23rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Mr. Carl Greene


Total Project Cost: $26M
Synterra Responsibility:$3.6M

Synterra, Ltd., was responsible for grading and site improvements for the outdoor living spaces at this 198 townhouse community spanning three urban blocks.

As the first turnkey development for the Philadelphia Housing Authority, Synterra, Ltd. worked closely with the construction team (developer, general contractor, design team and client).

As is Synterra's customary approach to residential projects, public meetings were conducted to solicit input from the residents. Guided by responses from these meetings with PHA and the Resident Council, Synterra identified the following items as key features for the site's outdoor spaces: attractive/functional open spaces, security, durable/low-maintenance materials and a system to allow each resident to customize their personal property while preserving the consistency of the primary environment.

Each home includes a small front area for plantings and a fenced rear yard with patio and additional area for plantings. Common areas, including tot lots were designed to encourage recreational activity and the gathering of neighbors in a safe, controlled environment.

Special attention was paid to maintenance, security and design features to discourage undesired uses.


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