Synterra Services at a Glance

Site/Landscape Architecture. Comprehensive solutions that achieve a strategic balance of site function with the natural or created landscape. We have an award-winning team of experts that blend the best of design, engineering, horticulture and planning. All projects evolve within a cross-cultural environment that is ideal for urban projects.

Construction/Project Management. Our multicultural background combined with extensive urban development experience helps us build the necessary bridges to forge relationships, build community consensus and navigate the political corridors of even the largest construction projects.

Development Planning. A sister discipline to project managment, Synterra's experience in all facets of construction, land planning and urban development makes us well suited as a consultant for commercial, public and residential development. Project experience ranges from International University Planning to major public housing projects.

Environmental Analysis. Environmental impact, sustainable lands, ecosystem preservation/protection, noise abatement and many other subdisciplines can affect a project's initiation and outcome. Synterra provides a broad range analytical services whether the intent is for critical compliance or a less stringent objective.

Programming and Master Planning. Full service, multi-year (even multi-decade) development planning, cost analysis, design and project modeling are central to many of our projects. We can provide both domestic and international solutions for projects of any size. And, you can rely on Synterra to take the project from concept to reality upon plan approval.

Recreational Planning and Design. We provide resort design, park systems, garden parks, outdoor/indoor public recreation planning, recreation integration into existing developments and related projects.

Urban Design. Urban design from concept development to historical restoration. Synterra provides solutions for a wide array of project types: museum/historical, hardscapes for urban buildings, transportation systems, beatification and highly inventive landscaping in compact spaces..

Community Interface. This is not at the bottom because it is the least important. Rather, it is the founcation for the success of nearly all of the project types listed above. Our cross-cultural, multi-lingual staff of professionals can shepherd even the most polarized groups toward a solution the brings consensus, community employment and pride.
We run community meetings with real managers (not public relations people) wih real concerns. We make the community a part of the process rather than spectators.





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