Meet our team
While there is no stubstitute for meeting in person, it's nice to see
some of the people that make a company. The introductions below offer a
glimpse into our credentials, our experience and our personalities.
William L. Wilson
Holding degrees in Landscape Architecture (Univ. Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts) and Ornamental Horticulture (Delaware Valley College of Science& Agriculture), Bill founded Synterra, Ltd. 33 years ago and is now the Principal-in-Charge. He has broad international and domestic design experience that anchors Synterra's work for Public/Municipal Agencies, Fortune 500 companies, Museums, Universities and Sports & Entertainment interests. At Synterra, Bill established an open plan workplace before it was in-style. This environment promotes sharing, intersecting perspectives and the continuous critiques that keep each project moving toward the best solution.
Myrna Toro
As a graduate of Antioch University her excellent management skills and a natural ability to communicate combined to make Myrna Synterra Ltd.'s President and Chief Executive Officer. Myrna will soon be celebrating her 19th year at Synterra, Ltd. Her innate ability to thrive in a cross-cultural environment helps her to establish collaborative and effective working relationships with a multiplicity of public and private agencies, institutions, neighborhood community groups, and special interests groups and public officials. Myrna conducts extensive workshops with community contractors and community organizations in order to provide opportunities for increased community involvement and employment on regional projects. She has achieved notable success as an advocate for her exemplary leadership, vision and commitment to motivating young people to excel and achieve their dreams.

Joseph Johnson
As Chief Financial Officer at Synterra, Ltd., Joe oversees the day-to-day financial operations of the company. Holding dual degrees (a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Finance from Temple University), he is largely responsible for Synterra Ltd.'s cross-training program which encourages employee's to gain proficiency in more than one professional discipline. His ability to blend his technical background with that of a "real world" understanding of the financial analysis process makes Mr. Johnson the perfect person to lead various areas to which Synterra, Ltd. has expanded. Joe has been with Synterra, Ltd. for twenty two years.

William Mellix
Bill brings 30 years of industry-specific administrative experience to his post as Synterra's Project Coordinator for the past eighteen years. His experience and knowledge of plant and hardscape materials enables him to successfully supervise site/landscape architects, resident engineers, and construction inspectors during the construction administration phase of a project. As a veteran administrator, he blends his professional landscape and construction experience with interpersonal relations, contract negotiation and business development. In the latter capacity, as a member of the Philadelphia China Trade Mission, he traveled to Beijing, Shanghai and six other Chinese cities to discuss possible partnerships with local architects and engineers.
Regina Ellzy
Synterra's Executive Assistant, Regina joined Synterra five years ago and brings twenty years of experience to the position. Her responsibilities include supporting the firm's executive team, and managing the busy day-to-day communication between Synterra staff, it's project partners and clients.
Peichih (Peggy) Carter, RLA
Combining a Master in Landscape Architecture degree with a B.S. in Horticulture, Peggy strengthens our international perspective on projects that require many points of view. Experienced in landscape design, land planning,horticulture, architecture and construction, she provides unique sensibilities that are critical when ecosystems and environmental impact are of paramount concern. Peggy is celebrating her eighth year with Synterra. As Synterra's Design Director, she leads and coordinates teams on projects of every scale -both domestically and internationally.
Nobuki Iijima
A principal landscape designer at Synterra, Nobuki's Japanese heritage informs his design work. This cultural perspective is particularly suited to the restrictive spaces frequently encountered in urban environments. The Japanese garden landscape traditionally focuses on creating functional space with maximum views. Nobuki has combined these principles with his personal originality on a wide array of projects including public gardens, residential development, recreational facilities and highways. He is involved in all phases of design: site analysis, concepting, development, modeling and construction documentation. He is a graduate of Temple University and he joined Synterra six years ago
Scott Todd, RLA
A fifteen year veteran in landscape architecture, environmental planning and facilities management, Scott joined Synterra as a Project Manager in 2002. His broad expertise combines a background in land planning, design and horticulture with administrative, public relations and fund raising skills. This skill set makes him well-suited to guide large projects through the maze of state and local governments, environmental regulatory agencies, utilities and community groups. Prior to his work at Synterra, Scott was the Director of Gardens at the Philadelphia Zoo. His experience includes several years as a senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst at a large engineering firm. Noteworthy accomplishments include two consecutive Best of Show awards in the Non-Profit Category at the Philadelphia Flower Show.
Nathan F. Hommel
With a degree in Landscape Architecture from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry, Nathan brings his contemporary computer design and modeling skills to Synterra's projects. Since joining Synterra in early 2003, his responsibilities include site analysis,conceptual design, design development and presentation graphics. Prior to joining Synterra, Nathan was involved in large scale master planning, conceptual design and project research in New York and New Jersey. While a student, he compiled his undergraduate thesis while living in Taipei,Taiwan and Copenhagen, Denmark.
Jan Brath
With degrees in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning, and Natural Resource Conservation from the State University of New York, Jan brings a multi-disciplinary knowledge of planning, design and the natural sciences to the design process at Synterra, Ltd. Jan is celebrating his first year with Synterra. His responsibilities include site analysis, conceptual design and design development on various public and private landscape and design projects. Prior to joining Synterra, Ltd. Jan was involved in all aspects of the planning and design process from conceptual site planning and development to final approvals. Additionally he has worked in community based participatory design to identify and investigate critical community issues and in turn offer solutions through workshops, planning and design. His diverse educational background in design, planning and the natural sciences in combination with work experience contributes to a comprehensive approach to the design process.
Victor Pagan
A Project/Construction Manager at Synterra, Mr. Pagan applies nearly three decades of hands-on engineering and development experience to our many projects. Victor is responsible for project management, on-site inspections, material inspection, and the multitude of financial, personnell and contractor details that demand an experienced and watchful eye. In these many capacities, Victor's bilingual proficiency and cultural sensitivity on site has unmeasurable value. Victor holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico. Victor joined Synterra in 1997.
Walter Holland
Walt has seventeen years experience in Administration and Construction. Since joining Synterra in 1999, he has experienced various aspects of both fields from hands-on asbestos abatement to construction administration and construction management. He is experienced in large scale construction projects, from residential new construction to high-rise commercial construction. He is qualified in construction documentation, planning and design, cost estimating, scheduling, contract negotiations, bidding, field construction and office supervision.
Kimberly Henderson
As Synterra's Special Projects Coordinator, Kimberly coordinates the company's marketing communications, comprises all proposals and manages fund-raising projects. She has sixteen years of administrative experience, eight of them with Synterra.
Willie Hooks
A 50 year veteran in landscape construction and maintenance, Willie joined Synterra in 1972. He worked with Synterra's Landscape Construction entity for 22 years until his retirement in 1994. However, his retirement from landscape construction has not separated him from Synterra, as he remains a part-time employee supporting the staff with the busy day-to-day coordination with clients.
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